Surreal stories for the stage and screen.

Granny Eyeball (August 2015)

Locked away in a ramshackle farmhouse on the outskirts of Ballskirk Joanna Gormley dreams of a better life, free from the clutches of her wicked guardian - the dreaded Granny Eyeball.

Wandering Tiger presents a riotous, anarchic show, complete with villainous undertakers, singing dinner ladies, thrilling heists and white knuckle car chases. Guaranteed fun for the whole family!


Seeing Red (2014)

A straight-laced wedding photographer is prescribed LSD in a misguided attempt to cure his colour blindness.

Produced as part of the Devon Short Film Commission Scheme, Seeing Red premiered at the Exeter Phoenix's Two Short Nights film festival where it went on to win the Audience Award.


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Clarke Andrews Tempest (2014)

Marooned in the dressing room of a provincial theatre, washed up silent film star Clarke Andrews prepares his solo rendition of The Tempest. As he begins to lose himself in Shakespeare’s verse the dressing room dissolves, revealing his memories, dreams, hopes and fears in the form of silent film.

"Clarke Andrews Tempest is a thing of beauty, ingenuity and complexity. No rough magic in this piece, it's hypnotic and smooth as silk." Read more...

Film and photography by Benjamin Borley.
Music by The Dalwood Rocket.

CAT City Gate



Sanctuary (2013)

Sanctuary n.

1) Refuge or safety form pursuit, persecution or other danger.
2) Nature reserve, zoo, wildlife park.

An original piece of theatre devised, written and performed for the launch of the Theatre Royal Plymouth's newly built perfomance space - The Lab. 


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Backseat Theatre (2013)

Backseat Theatre was written as part of the Winter Warmed festival: three weeks of performances, workshops, films, presentations and discussions celebrating the unique theatre of Samuel Beckett, through the talents of local and regional theatre makers. 

The play was staged in a car, with audiences of up to three people sat in the back as events unfolded around them. 



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Breathe With Me (2011)

Abandoned, stranded and cut off from the outside world, a compulsive tea drinker and her narcissistic counterpart find solace in half-remembered conversations and old routines.